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Example 1: Contract development for businesses in England and the UK, Europe and the US

Richina oversees contract management outsourcing

We begin by thoroughly investigating multiple factories and suppliers for your project. After visiting the facilities, we recommend a shortlist of suppliers. These suppliers must pass our comprehensive facility performance audit and social responsibility.

Next, we accompany you to visit these suppliers in China. With the help of our translator, we take a comprehensive tour of the facilities.

To ensure that competitive suppliers are selected, you'll receive quotes for the pricing of your products and tooling.

A comprehensive suite of documents, produced by our administrative team, will help suppliers understand your product specs. Further documentation will help you initiate your first samples and orders.

Contract development would typically include:

  • Supplier shortlisting and approval
  • Factory auditing and supplier tours
  • Indicative quotes
  • Documentation and procedures

We will also research our existing partner supply base and new sources as appropriate.

Procurement strategies that benefit from our knowledge of China

Sourcing from a fast-growing economy, with such a unique culture as China's, is a huge task.

At Richina, we have invested years of development in building a comprehensive understanding of what is required to develop and approve reliable supply chains with trusted suppliers.

Over the past 15 years, we have successfully shipped more than 2,000 product containers to satisfied customers.

For other examples of how we may be able to assist you and get even more support for your procurement strategy, learn more about advanced product supply and full product delivery.

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