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Example 2: Advanced product supply in China, for businesses based in the UK, Europe and the US

Looking to outsource your product supply to China?

Choose Richina to help with development of a product inventory.

In addition to the outsourcing services from the first example, our engineering and sample development team will ensure that your chosen supplier develops your product to an agreed specification.

The task of gaining an agreed standard in China is a complex and time-consuming process. Our team will work closely with your new supplier to ensure your samples meet expectations.

Before we hand over your outsourcing contract, we will ensure your new supplier is fully competent to supply to an agreed standard.

Your product supply package can include:

  • Specification approval
  • Sample development
  • Supplier shortlisting and approval
  • Factory auditing and supplier tours
  • Indicative quotes
  • Documentation and procedures

We will also research our existing partner supply base and new sources as appropriate.

Are you looking for full production assistance? We offer that as well.

Advanced Product Supply UK Outsourcing to China Our product suppliers help businesses around the
United Kingdom.
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