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Product migration planning from Richina

Do you want to move and manage your entire portfolio in China?

Our core objective at Richina is to help you with product migration and offshore development. We have been building relationships with key manufacturers in China for more than 15 years.

An outsourcing consultancy designed to save you money

Rather than establishing large and expensive manufacturing offices overseas, you can enjoy huge savings with Richina. If you are already sourcing in China but have had supplier difficulties, let us help.

We offer daily consultancy rates for clients wishing to take advantage of our outsourcing experience. Each project and client is different, so your requirements will be carefully evaluated before preparing outline quotations.

Overseas spending on sourcing and procurement offices can be difficult to justify during the credit crisis. Choose Richina's subcontract manufacturing services for a more economically sound option.

Overseas Manufacturing China Outsourcing Consultancy UK We work with clients in Leeds, Liverpool, London and further.
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