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Administration that supports offshore outsourcing and development

To manage your global outsourcing contracts, all administration is based and coordinated from our UK, Hong Kong and Spanish offices.

Before engaging in any meaningful or detailed discussions, confidentiality agreements are signed with clients and factories throughout the potential supply chain.

Customers place their orders and then take delivery of the goods. Our offices deal with everything else.

We have strict written manufacturing procedures for process, quality and administrative control in our factories. These are based on the principles of National Standards, including ISO900X. They are all maintained and updated as necessary in English and Chinese. Customer quality system requirements can be incorporated into our controls if required and will be translated into Chinese.

Part specifications and drawing issue numbers are controlled by our documentation department. All specifications are up to date in all locations.

Friendly, helpful staff deal efficiently and quickly with all enquiries.

Outsourcing operations facilitated by electronic monitoring services

Letters of credit are administrated and controlled with automated electronic links to the banking system.

All orders are administrated onto a simple order entry system. This monitors and reports all delivery scheduling information.

We will advise clients regarding shipping and freight for imported goods, import taxes, duty and VAT. Our services usually include the administration of these services.

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