Chinese Manufacturing Offshore Outsourcing from the UK

Chinese manufacturing and offshore outsourcing

When it comes to offshore production, mass production is our specialty.

Our experienced employees understand the processes required for you to develop and manufacture quality products overseas. We work to agreed timescales.

For consumer and industrial sales, we can manufacture all types of components, assemblies and finished goods.

We personally audit and inspect our factories on a regular basis, ensuring they uphold our quality systems. These checks maintain high standards of manufacturing and systems control.

Connect with China, whether you're in Glasgow, Liverpool or elsewhere in the western world

Our local knowledge of China allows us to access a vast network of reliable suppliers, tool makers and local resources. This helps ensure the quality of your product manufacture.

From casting to CNC insert machining, and injection moulding to inspection, we have the experience and facilities to quickly and effectively manage your manufacturing. You can also partner with us for fabrication, mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies.

We believe in good communication with both our factories and customers and keep our customers informed at all stages of order administration.

Are you moving to offshore production for the first time? We aim to give expert guidance, especially if this is your first experience of manufacturing outsourcing. With Richina employees based on site at many of our factories, we can help projects progress faster and ensure constant quality and reliability throughout the production process.

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