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A product quality policy uniting Richina, our clients, and our product suppliers in China

Richina is dedicated to a quality policy that ensures products and services always meet client requirements.

We are committed to getting it right the first time. All employees of Richina and those of our partner factories share a positive commitment to quality. You can count on fast and effective response to your requirements.

Our quality system undergoes continuous improvement to ensure consistency, repeatability and excellence.

Our quality policy is based on four fundamental principles

  • Our definition of quality is conforming to requirements. To do this, we very clearly specify the needs of our customers, our suppliers and our processes.
  • Quality management concentrates on prevention. We examine our processes, identify opportunities for error, and act to eliminate them.
  • The standard of our quality is no failures. This requires everyone understanding how to do their job, to the standards required, and doing it right the first time.
  • The measure of quality is the cost of nonconformity and the eventual cost of getting it right. Our aim is to have no non-conformance costs.

Things can go wrong

Even with the best controls, things can go wrong. We immediately instigate corrective action procedures if a process or product fails at any stage of the supply chain. The absolute aim is to avoid recurrence.

Establishing quality policies at our partner factories

Each of our partner factories will develop its own quality policies based on these principles, taking into account its own circumstances.

We will clearly specify our customers' requirements and prepare adequate procedures to meet these requirements.

Our quality policy involves all employees. The principles and objectives are communicated as widely as possible.

Practical assistance and training is given, where necessary, to ensure the relevant knowledge and experience is acquired for the successful implementation of this policy.

Richina's trade associations and accreditations come from TUV, CE, Kitemark and BSI. We are based in Gloucestershire.

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